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Trilobites are an extinct group of marine arthropods which existed during the Paleozoic era, from the Cambrian to the Permian period about 540-245 million years ago. In Sweden there are trilobite fossils and other Paleozoic fossils in sedimentary rocks from Cambrian, Ordovician and Silurian within the following districts: Skåne, Öland, Gotland, Västergötland, Östergötland, Närke, Siljansringen and Jämtland.

The name tri-lob-ite refer to the trilobite body, which is formed into three lobes lengthwise; one central lobe (axial lob) and two side lobes (pleural lobes)

The trilobites have a hard outer skeleton (exoskeleton), containing calcium carbonate and chitin.
In order to get bigger the trilobites periodically moulted, like all other arthropods. Entire trilobites are uncommon because the skeleton breaks apart while moulting. The parts of the exoskeleton have the following terms:

cephalon the complete head =cranidium with free cheeks
thorax the middle body
pygidium the tail.
cranidium glabella with fixed cheeks
glabella the axial lobes extension in the cephalon
free cheek sometimes with spines
eye composite eye lenses
thorax segment the numbers of the thorax segments range from 2 for Agnostida to more than 40 for Ollenellidae
hypostoma shield under the mouth and stomach

The trilobites have legs, located in pairs under each body segment.
The extremities have also a fringed appendage probably with gill and swimming functions. Legs, antennae and other soft parts are rarely preserved. This
Triarthrus eatoni from the North American strata of Beecherīs Trilobite Bed have however both extremities and antennae fossilized.

Many trilobites were capable of curling their body for protection.

You can find a much more complete description of trilobites at Dr Samuel M Gon IIIīs excellent site A Guide to the Orders of Trilobites

On this page I have used Jan Bergströmīs classification, from his doctorīs thesis Organization, life, and systematics of trilobites, published in Fossil and Strata No. 2, pp 1-69, Pls. 1-5. Oslo, 27 th April, 1973

Bergström divides the trilobites into nine orders : Olenellida, Ptychopariida, Redlichiida, Illaenida, Phacopida, Odontopleurida, Lichida, Corynexochida and Agnostida. This classification is radically changed in comparison with the Treatise (Moore 1959), concerning the concepts of Redlichiida, Phacopida, Odontopleurida and Ptychopariida.

The classification is rather complicated, especially when there are different concepts of the subdivision.

Example: Peltura scarabaeoides

Phylum Arthropoda
Class Trilobita
Order Redlichiida
Suborder Asaphina
Superfamily Olenacea
Family Olenidae
Subfamily Pelturinae
Genus Peltura
Species Peltura scarabaeoides

My purpose with this page is to link photos to the majority of my best finds, hopefully to give pleasure to other amateurs from far and near.
Below is a catalogue of the species I have found in Sweden so far, divided into order and family/subfamily

Order Family/subfamily Genus.species
Solenopleurinae Solenopleura linnarsson
Solenopleura holometopa
Parasolenopleura westgothica
Solenopleura brachymetopa
Solenopleura nericus
Ellipsocephalinae Ellipsocephalus polytomus
another Ellipsocephalus polytomus
Ellipsocephalus leiostratus
Conocoryphidae Bailiella tenuicincta
Bailiella impressa
Bailiella emarginata
Bailiaspis dalmani
Ctenocephalus exulans
Ptychoparinae Ptychopyge sincta
Ptychopyge agnustifrons
another Ptychopyge agnustifrons
Ptychopyge broeggeri
Ptychopyge sp
Isocolidae Isocolus sjögreni
Eulominae Euloma ornatum
Harpididae Harpes wengelini
Harpides rugosus
Harpes costatus
Phillipsinellidae Phillipsia parabola
Calymenidae Calymene tuberculata
Calymene tuberculata
Calymene blumenbachi neotuberculata
Calymene spectabilis
Calymene sp
Homanolotinae Homalonotus platynotus
Ityophoridae Ityophorus undulatus
Trinucleinae Tretaspis seticornis
another Tretaspis seticornis
Tretaspis granulata
Tretaspis sp
Tretaspis sp
Trinucleus wahlenbergi
Dionidiae Dionide euglypta
another Dionide euglypta
Dionide euglypta
Dionide euglypta
Oromeropidae Orometopus elatifrons
Ampyxininae Ampyx tetragonus
Ampyx portlocki
Ampyx portlocki
Another Ampyx portlocki
Lonchodomas portlocki
Lochodomas rostratus
Ampyx (Lonchodomas) rostratus
Ampyx sp
Ampyx costatus
another Ampyx costatus
Ampyx nasutus
another Ampyx nasutus
Dorypygidae Doryopge aenigma
Scutelluidae Eubronteus laticuda
Scutellum sp
Proetidae Proetus brevifrons
Proetus verrucosus
Proetus concinnus
Proetus granulatus
Aulacopleurinae Otarion elegantula
Illaeniae Illaenus sarsi
another Illaenus sarsi
Illaenus sp
Illaenus angelini
Panderia megalophthalmus
Panderia megalophthalmus
Illaenus leptopleura
Illaenus glabrisculus
Illaenus glabrisculus
Stenopareia linnarssoni
Dysplanus centrotus
another Dysplanus centrotus
Styginidae Stygina cf latifrons
Bumastinae Bumastus sp
Bumastus sp
? Gyrometopus cineatus
Phacopidae Phacops recurvus
Acernapspis sororia
Acaste downingiae
Pterygometopinae Pterygometopus sclerops
Chasmopinae Chasmops conicophthalmus
Dalmanitinae Dalmanitina myops
Dalmanitina myops
Dalmanites imbricatulus
Zeliszkella sp
Odontopleurinae Diacanthaspis decacantha
Kettneraspis angelini
Kettneraspis angelini
Odontopleura. sp (centrina ?)
Acidaspis sp
Cheirurinae Cheirurus ornatus
Cheirurus sp
Cheirurus sp
Cyrtometopus tumidus
Chirurus latilobus
Cyrtometopus priscus
Hadromeros subulatus
Sphaerexochinae Sphaerexochus conformis
Pseudosphaerexochus laticeps
Sphaerexochus laticeps
Sphaerexochus calvus
Sphaerocoryphe dentata
Sphaerocoryphe dentata
Sphaerexochus latifrons
Pseudosphaerexochus laticeps
Pseudosphaerexochus parallelus
Pliomerinae Pliomera fischeri
Protopliomerops sp
Encrinurinae Encrinurus punctatus
Encrinurus macrourus
Cybelinae Cybeloides loveni
another Cybeloides loveni
Cybele bellatula
Atractopyge dalmani
another Atractopyge dalmani
Dindymeninae Dindymene ornata
Staurocephalinae Straurocephalus clavifrons
Lichinae Lichas gibbus.
Lichas latifrons
Lichas sp
Lichas celorrhin
Platylichas laxatus
Pardoxididae Paradoxides paradoxissimus
Paradoxides bidentatus
Paradoxides aelandicus
Paradoxides aelandicus
Paradoxides aelandicus
Paradoxides pinus
another Paradoxides pinus
Hydrocephalus vikensi
Ceratopygidae Ceratopyge forficula
Proceratopyge Nathorsi
Proceratopyge conifrons
Burlingiidae Schmalenseeia amphionura
Asaphinae Asaphus expansus
, Asaphus expansus , Asaphus expansus
Asaphus expansus
Asaphus laevigatus
Asaphus raniceps
Asaphus ludibundus
Asaphus ludibundus
another Asaphus ludibundus
Asaphus eichwaldi
Asaphus eichwaldi
another Asaphus eichwaldi
Asaphus sp
Asaphus striatus
Plectasaphus plicicostis
Ogmasaphus praetexus
Pseudobasilicus brachyrachis
Megistaspis nericus
another Megistaspis nericus
Megalaspis limbata
Megalaspis heros
Megalaspis gigas
Another Megalaspis gigas
Megistaspidella acuticauda
Megistaspidella extenuata
Plesiomegalaspis planilimbata
Pseudomegalaspis patagiata
another Pseudomegalaspis patagiata
two more Pseudomegalaspis patagiata
Promegalaspides pelturae
Niobinae Niobe insignis
Niobe lata
Niobe lata
Niobella laeviceps
Niobella aurora
Ogygiocaridinae Ogygiocaris dilitata sarsi
Ogygiocaris dilatata
Nileidae Nileus armadillo
another Nileus armadillo
more Nileus armadillo, Nileus armadillo
Nileus limbatus
Nileus globicephalus
Nileus sp
Symphysuriniae Symphysurus palpebrosus
another Symphysurus palpebrosus and one more Symphysurus palpebrosus
Parabolinoididae Parabolina kinnekullensis
Parabolina kinnekullensis
Parabolina heres
Parabolina spinulosa
Parabolina spinulosa
another Parabolina spinulosa
Andrarinidae Andrarina costata
Andrarina costata
Anomocaridae Anomocarina excavata
Oleninae Olenus truncatus
Olenus gibbosus
Olenus alpha
Olenus attenuatus
another Olenus attenuatus
Olenus dentatus
Olenus Wahlenbergi
Olenus Wahlenbergi
Olenus henningsmoeni
Pelturinae Peltura scarabaeoides
Peltura scarabaeoides acutidens
Peltura acutidens
Protopeltura praecursor
Peltura minor
Acerocare ecorne
Leptoplastinae Leptoplastus ovatus
Leptoplastus raphidophorus
Leptoplastus raphidophorus
Leptoplastus raphidophorus
Eurycare latum
Sphaeropthalmus alatus
Ctenopyge tumida
Ctenopyge spectabilis
Ctenopyge fletcheri
Ctenopyge flagellifera
Ctenopyge neglecta
Ctenopyge pecten
Remopleuridinae Remopleurides dorsospinifer
Remopleurides radians
Remopleurides sp
Agnostinae Agnostus pisiformis
Homagnostus obesus
another Homagnostus obesus, Homagnostus obesus
Agnostus pisiformis spiniger
Lotagnostus trisectus
Condylopygidae Condylopyge regia
Ptychagnostinae Ptychagnostus hybridus
Ptychagnostus gibbus
Ptychagnostus atavus
Ptychagnostus punctuosus
Hastagnostidae Lejopyge laevigata
Lejopyge armata
Trinodidae Trinodus trinodus
Trinodus tardus
Trinodus sp
Glyptagnostinae Glyptagnostus reticulatus
Glyptagnostus reticulans
Spinagnostidae Peronospis fallax
Hypagnostus sulifer
Hypagnostus paravifrons
Agnostus sp
Eodiscidae Eodiscus punctatus scanicus
Phalacromidae Phalacroma marginatum
Diplagnostidae Diplagnostus planicauda
Christagnostus sp

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